Board of Commissioners Regular Meeting: October 27th
1715 W. Mountain Ave. 7:30 a.m.

Good Neighbors, Amazing Communities

Offering a diverse range of housing programs, Fort Collins Housing Authority (FCHA) owns and operates a variety of properties located throughout Fort Collins and serves over 2,100 households (nearly 5,000 individuals) in need of affordable housing each year. Our residents include families with children in addition to persons who are elderly, disabled, formerly homeless, and/or veterans. FCHA is committed to not only providing safe and affordable housing, economic opportunity, and living environments free from discrimination, but promoting these opportunities as well.

At FCHA, we firmly believe one of the best ways to promote our programs is by being a Good Neighbor to the community at large.

Our Good Neighbor practices are present throughout all FCHA properties as we strive to make our sites as valuable to our neighbors as they are to our residents, and embrace the following principles:


FCHA is committed to the long term preservation of our properties through our preventive maintenance and ongoing curb appeal enhancement programs. It is our intent for our properties to be seen as positive assets to the neighborhoods in which they are located and to foster a sense of neighborhood pride among all residents in the area. All FCHA properties receive weekly landscaping maintenance and daily trash patrols to help us keep our facilities attractive and neat.


FCHA recognizes that safety and security are essential for citizens to live peacefully and free from harm and promote Good Neighbor relationships with the community at large. Exterior elements that promote safety, such as sufficient lighting, safe walkways, etc., are present at all FCHA properties. FCHA responds to all complaints concerning residents immediately and has strong working relationships with local police in the event their assistance may be needed.


FCHA understands that a peaceful community hinges upon mutually respectful behaviors and conduct; thus, we enter into lease agreements with all of our residents that stipulate behaviors and conduct that will not be tolerated, particularly those that are unlawful and/or infringe upon the rights of others.


Your feedback is important to FCHA, and we welcome it. FCHA is dedicated to making sure our neighbors are well informed about construction/maintenance work that may affect them, policy changes, and/or program development, as appropriate. If you have something you would like to share with the FCHA staff, please contact us.

We firmly believe one of the best ways to promote our programs is by being a Good Neighbor to the community at large.